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fermented sauce and paste from Korea which are essential for Korean cuisine.

To guarantee the UMAMI taste and for your health we keep the traditionally recipe.

The microorganisms ensure a natural fermentation process.


is one of the most important fermented food in Korea.

The primary ingredients from Gochusang are red pepper powder, sticky rice powder, barley malt powder  and powdered fermented soybeans and sal.

This Korean chili paste is spicy with a hint of sweetness. It’s worldwide popular and is used to refine dressings, sauces, soups, salads, hot dishes…


Soy sauce is indispensable for all types of cooking. 

We make our soy sauce according to a traditional recipe from Korea, naturally and exclusively with 100% soybeans and water, which is the healthiest way to obtain the purest and tastiest flavors. 


The fermentation of Cheonggukjang takes only 3 days that’s why it also called quick fermented soya bean paste, Doenjang. Cheonggukjang is also compared with Natto. 

The Koreans make with Cheonggukjang  stew. But this fermented soy sauce flavored salads, sauces and other hot dishes.