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Our Commitment to the Planet

Surely you have already realized how we try to work as environmentally friendly as possible. 
Enjoy our products knowing you’re part of a cycle that values people and the planet !


We are sourcing ingredients locally, we’re able to supporting our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint.

We celébrate the bond between the land we live on and the ingredients we use, providing you with authentic, healthy and sustainable basic ingredients in Korean Food. 

Our organic journey

We firmly believe in the power of organic products. 

This is the reason why we strive to grow our own organic produce, to keep the soil fertile in the long term and to see the earth thrive.

Above all, we want our children to continue to enjoy the pure luxury of natural, healthy flavors.


The choice of packaging was the most difficult process of our work. For the Kimchi, for example, we use the plastic packaging, because in this way we would save the environment the most, less transportation, use of recycling containers, less material is needed. But we continue to keep up to date with the latest in the most environmentally friendly packaging for our products.

We just ask you to throw the used packaging into the plastic container. We thank you.